Freelance Role: Video Creator/Collaborator

Remote - Washington, DC

Freelance Role: Video Creator/Collaborator

More Perfect Union is looking for paid on-camera video creators to make videos about labor, economic justice, corporate power, local and national politics, and other issues that impact the working class.

Content: We’re mainly interested in two types of videos:

  • Explainer videos that educate our audience about important issues. That might mean breaking down a developing news story, helping people understand an important policy or act of corporate wrongdoing, or analyzing some topic in the discourse through an economic justice lens. We’re looking for videos that empower people with facts, context, or insights.

  • First-person worker stories that offer our audience your unique perspective about issues impacting working people. You might be documenting injustices facing people in your industry, or explaining an exploitative business model you’ve experienced, or getting the word out about a union drive you’re involved with.

Formats: We’re mainly interested in vertical videos (~1 to 3 minutes, for Tiktok, Reels, etc) where you’re talking to camera. But we’re also eager to hear from creators who usually create longer videos better suited to platforms like Youtube, and creators who don’t typically appear on camera but rely more on graphics, voiceover, etc.

Compensation: For shorter-form vertical videos (for TikTok, Reels, etc.), we offer $600 per video. For other formats, let’s talk and get a better idea of what you’re hoping to create.

We’re also eager to establish contracts with creators where we work on multiple videos together.

Who: We’re looking for a diverse group of contributors from around the country with a broad array of identities, ages, and backgrounds. Workers, students, reporters, academics, comedy writers, retirees and everyone in between — please be in touch!  If you’re interested, just fill out this very brief form -